80% lower magazine fit comparison chart


The following table shows various brands of 80% lowers and how a variety of magazines fit in them. The chart will grow as more lowers are reviewed. Click on the brand name in the chart to see the complete review for that lower. If you are a manufacturer and would like to have your lower reviewed please send us an email using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. Sorry this chart runs off the screen on mobile devices. I haven't found a good alternative to using an actual table for the data. I've added some blank lines before the table so the ad doesn't cover the table on mobile devices.


A green cell indicates the magazine inserted and dropped free. A yellow cell indicates the magazine inserted but did not drop free. A red cell indicates the magazines would not insert into the magazine well. Initially I was also testing some standard GI-type metal magazines but none of them had trouble in any lower so I removed them from the chart. The polymer HexMag series 1, Magpul MOE and Magpul M3 caused the most problems for the lowers. Generally the most fitment issues were seen with the polymer lowers with the exception of the M1 Machining billet lower which had the most problems of any lower. The Genesis CNC lower had a unique problem due to the shape of its trigger guard. It protruded towards the magazine well which did not allow some magazines to insert at all (specifically the ETS, Magpul M3 and TangoDown). Keep in mind that due to the way polymer cools your mags or lower may not have the same problems of not dropping free. However if the mag would not insert at all then it likely is not due to minor variations in the polymer.

















Brand Cammenga EasyMag ETS smoke HexMag series1 HexMag series2 Lancer L5FDE Magpul MOE Magpul M3 TangoDown ARC Thermold Troy Battlemag
5D Tactical (review pending)                    
80% Arms anodized                    
80-lower.com (review pending) billet                    
80-lower.com (review pending) forged (blank)                    
80-lower.com (review pending) forged (safe/fire)                    
Anderson Manufacturing                    
EP Armory (polymer, gen2)                    
Genesis CNC (review pending)                    
Hybrid-80 TN Arms Liberator                    
James Madison Tactical (gen1)                    
M1 Machining                    
New Frontier Armory                    
Noreen Firearms (review pending)                    
Polymer80 (Ares Armor) G150 (gen2 Phoenix)                    
Tactical Machining (gen 2)